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The snow outside looks so pretty! I had no idea it was snowing until I walked outside. I love the snow because it feels and looks so peaceful. It’s so quiet and is just nice to watch. I love the snow. I was born and raised in Florida until I was 12 and when I moved up here I became instantly in love with the snow. I never knew there were such things as snow days, I only thought that happened in the movies. Right now (3:45 pm Saturday) it’s snowing pretty hard and it looks like it’s sticking. I remember last year in Northern Virginia we had a really bad snow storm. We had class cancelled for a total of about 9 days because it literally looked like a blizzard outside. It snowed over 4 feet. When we shoveled out our driveway the snow piled up higher than my waist. It may be hard to imagine but when your standing next to the pile it’s really unbelievable how much it snowed. It was heaven for the little kids in the neighborhood because it was a full week of snow days, sledding and building all the snowmen they could imagine. For older students it was another day to relax, catch up on homework and sleep, to watch all the tv and drink all the hot chocolate you wanted, and play as much xbox you like. Some houses were out of power for 2 days or more. Thankfully we lost power for a few hours not days. We also had an old fashion fireplace, where we used all the woods we needed. I love winter because of the snow and class cancellations and I hope we have no class! But i know that finals will probably say to the schedule they were planned, snow or no snow. I think snow brings universal calmness and relaxation to all. It’s a peaceful time and it always reminds me of the holidays :) Enjoy the snow!

My Break

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This Thanksgiving break has been one of the best I’ve had. I enjoyed the time I spent with my family and I got to see some of my friends too. I saw Harry Potter on Saturday. I didn’t get the chance to read the 7th book but I’m rereading them all over again and I’m on the second one so far :) A few days later I went to dinner with my boyfriend to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. We didn’t do much at Tech because there wasn’t much to do so we decided to wait until we got back home. I got 2 dozen/vases of roses too! When I opened the door I was like wow. My brother has the iPad and he has sound effects on it. Him being a smartass and all was playing an applause and a whistle sounds which was super funny because it went with the moment :) We went to P.F. Chang’s, one of my favorite restaurants, and then we went to ColdStone for dessert. 

During the week I also picked up my brother my school, why was my old high school. It was so weird watching the underclassmen because upperclassmen. They looked to young to be seniors and juniors. I feel like every year the classes look younger and younger. But it’s nice to know my brother got some decent teachers this year, except for 1 weird one and 1 hard one. 

Thanksgiving was fun. My family went over to my boyfriend’s house and we ate dinner there. It was fun; we played poker and watched The Last Airbender (I fell asleep through most of it). The food was pretty good. Turkey, ham, sweet potato, potato salad, and stuffing. This was my first time eating stuffing. I guess since I come from a Hispanic background we cook differently so it was nice to know what other families cooked for their Thanksgiving. 

On Friday, I went out bowling with my boyfriend, my best friend, her boyfriend, and our close friend. My best friend and our other friend Wilson were in my senior English class. My english teacher hated us because we would laugh the entire time because Wilson would tell us all these jokes and we could NOT, no matter how hard we tried, hold in our laughs. We got away with a lot because the class was so laid back every though the teacher wasn’t. They came over for dinner and after we went bowling.My friend, Kathy, was so against playing with bummers that I gave up fighting for them. I NEED bumpers because I’m a horrible bowler. I got one strike and a few spares but I never won out of the three games we played. One of our games was during Cosmic Bowling which was kind of cool. 

Saturday I went to a Georgetown University game to see my friend Jason Clark play. My mom gets free tickets through a friend so we go a few times during the season. It was a good game, winning by 15 points. 

My Thanksgiving break was a lot of fun and pretty relaxing. I didn’t study once which I should have but I wanted to relax and enjoy my time with the family. I don’t want to go back because that means studying for finals…. yuck. At least it’s only 2 and half weeks so not to bad. I can’t wait to come home for a month for Christmas break :) And thankfully the Hokies beat UVA. So anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed there break and had a safe, enjoyable one :)

Back Home

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It’s so good to finally be back home! My dad said he’d be picking me up around noon on Friday. I get a text message around 8am and I woke up to it. I freaked out because I wasn’t ready and I still needed to shower, pack up last minute things, and go to the empo to take a quiz. I HATE rushing and that’s what that morning was like. So I literally rolled out of bed. Got my backpack and went to take the bus to the empo. When I finished my dad texted me saying he’d pick me up from the empo. Five minutes later I saw him drive by and I was so excited. I’m a very emotional person so I was super excited to see my dad and I almost ran to him but I didn’t want to get hit by a car. So I gave him a big extra long bear hug =) So we went back to campus and I did all I needed to do before we went home. So when I got hom my brother was hiding behind a tree and when I got out of the car I almost had a heart attack… that’s his way of saying hi… scaring me.. typical him haha So anyway my grandma from Puerto Rico was here to visit and it was nice seeing her. So from there my brother and I went to his school to pick up some books from his locker because he didn’t go to school that day. After we went to his saxophone lesson that he has every friday. Waiting for his lesson to begin, I was looking through the music they had. I play piano, or used to, and I was looking through all the modern music they had. They had tons of songs I wanted to learn. I hadn’t played in like 2 or 3 years so I was eager to start again. We got back home and I immediately went to the basement to practice. I sounded HORRIBLE. I wish i would have kept practicing a little each day because I like completely forgot the notes and everything. I felt so bad so when I come back from Christmas break that’s what I’ll be doing for a month. Sorry to bore you but I didn’t really have much to write about this week. Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving. Stay Safe!

I’m Ready

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I’m so ready for thanksgiving break, christmas break, and the end of the semester. I’m tired of all the school work, projects, tests, and quizzes. I want to go home and be able to relax and enjoy the time with my family. I’m so thankful that our winter break is a month long. I will definitely take advantage of that. I’m ready for the semester to be over. I’ve worked so hard and I’m trained at this point. I work so hard and study and the results are what I had expected. But theres not much room for error because many of my classes just have 3 tests and nothing else. Those grades are your total grade so you have to do well. I can’t wait to go home for thanksgiving and relax, or attempt to . I have a test right after we get back from break and I really don’t want to have to study for it over my relaxing break. I feel like the end of the semester is so stressful because you’re trying to raise your grades as much as you can with the little opportunity you are given. Another thing is course request. I hope i get everything I asked for or most of it. I’m kind of a little picky when it comes to selecting classes and I don’t want to be stuck in a class i have no interest in. At this point I’m so tired of everything. I need a long break. I’m so happy I’m going to Hawaii for Christmas. That is exactly what I need :) Sorry for sounding so whiny and complaining but I’m sure we all feel like this so late in the semester. I hope you all do well in your classes and pull through with good grades ;)

No Money

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This weekend I have never felt so lost and poor in my life. Friday evening my boyfriend’s best friend stayed the weekend at Tech to hang out. We were going to go to D2 to eat then head out to a party. We stopped by my room in West AJ to pick up my party clothes so we could leave all together. So after we went to D2 for dinner and headed back to my boyfriend’s dorm. So in the process of changing for the party I notices I didn’t have my shirt and I was like dammit now i have to go all the way back because my boyfriend’s friend was pretending he was a girl and was making fun of my skirt and he left it on the bed while i was still packing. SO we go back to my dorm and I’m ready to pull out my Hokie Passport and it’s NOWHERE. I start freaking out because I’ve NEVER misplaces my passport before and i’m anal about losing it so i always put it back in my wallet. So we had to wait for a resident of the building to come and open the door for us, waiting in like 30 degree weather. So i change in my room and as we leave i’m like dammit we need quarters for the bus because I lost my passport and our friend doesn’t go here so we had to head back to MIles and get quarters. I felt so lost and useless without my passport. We got out quarters and we were going to take two buses from Miles to the library then walk to Squires because it was SOOOO cold. BUT we only had 2 dollars in quarters so we needed to save it for the bus we needed the most so we walked to Squires, while it was snowing which made it better because I love watching it snow. So Saturday we all slept in and we went back to D2 to look for the passport but D2 is closed on Saturdays, just my luck. So I asked someone as DX if they had found one and they didn’t. I was so annoyed with myself because I hardly ever lose anything and this was my college life line right here. SO that night we were going to eat but it was too late and all the dining halls were closed and we didn’t want to eat at DX so we thought we’d go to Five Guys. So my boyfriend’s friend had a dollar but we had no change and we were looking for a vending machine to get quarters so we found 2 soda machines. So we put the dollar in the machine and we pressed the change return and it spit back the dollar which was annoying because we needed quarters! SO we went to the next machine stuck in the dollar and pressed the change return. This time the machine SEMI-ATE his dollar. Just out luck!! The machine didn’t give us quarters but made us buy a drink. SOO we left with a Lipton Iced-Tea and left with no money. I learned from that to always carry cash no matter what. I usually carry cash but I had used it during the week. SO anyway we went back upstairs and asked my boyfriend’s hall mates asking for a dollar and luckily we got one. Then we had to go get quarters which luckily wasn’t hard to find either, which we should’ve done in the first place. So we finally get on the bus to Five Guys and ENJOY our burgers which by the way were AMAZING! so we needed more money to take the bus back to campus so we walked to Kroger to get change. With the change, 50 cents for our friend and I, we all get on the bus. Right as we passed Cassell Coliseum I pulled the cord to let us off at Miles and the bus didn’t stop! We were soooo annoyed because the weekend wasn’t going our way. So we got off at the Library and walked back to the dorm in freezing cold weather. This weekend will be one to remember and I had a great time minus a few things. I guess this is what is truly feels like living in college.

*** sorry for this being so long!!

Halloween Weekend

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This past weekend was probably the most fun I’ve had at Tech so far. Friday night my boyfriend and I were just going to stay in and relax and go out on Saturday so we went to Five Guys for dinner. When we got back on campus our mood suddenly changed and we wanted to party. The campus was crowded with people in costumes and it was really cool to see what a lot of people were wearing. I didn’t really have a costumes so I improvised and was Kim Kardashian for Halloween. I had a long brown wig and a black dress and I thought I looked like her a lot haha So my boyfriend and I were waiting for the bus stop. We see the Tom’s Creek bus is it was LOADED with people. I wish I could’ve taken a picture because I have never seen that bus that crowded. People were sitting in the stair well all crouched together. It was definitely not legal to have that many people on a bus at one time. It was INSANE. It was kind of one of those things you had to be there to see. But anyways on Saturday we went out too but with my boyfriend’s hallmate. His hallmate had his girlfriend down for the weekend and some other friends so we all went to party together. We had a great time. Going in a group to a party is alot more fun then meeting your friends at the party.. if that makes sense?? SO we went to a party on Roanoke and left around 1:30ish. We were getting close to main street when we saw a sign “FREE BREAKFAST”. We thought it was strange that people were giving away free breakfast at 1:30 in the morning. So we all went in and there were a few people already there. It was obviously filled with college students. They served bacon, sausage, eggs, pancakes, and some other things. It was reallly good food too. We got back to campus around 2ish. This halloween weekend was sooooo much fun. I wish every weekend was like there here :)

First VT Football Game

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Today I went to my first VT football game. Just waiting in line waiting to get past the gates was exciting. I loved seeing the crowd full of team spirit. The first quarter of the game went really well. I didn’t know to many of the cheers because I had never gone to a game before but I caught on quickly. There were a lot of funny people around. I loved seeing the Hokie bird. Whoever is in the hokie bird costume does a great job making the crowd get rowdy. He was hilarious and I definitely enjoyed myself. The second half was so-so because there were drunk people behind us. They had brought their own small bottles of vodka and started mixing it with soda. As the game went on they got drunker which was super obnoxious. This one girl spelt all her drink over the guy in front of us. The guy was really nice about it. He didn’t yell at her or anything, which I would have done. He just moved to a new spot. I went to the game with my boyfriend. He didn’t have a ticket so I went and bought one for a friend and surprised him. We had a great time except for the drunk people. It was really hot that day, hotter than i expected. We left around halftime because VT was killing Duke. We stopped to get funnel cake (my FAVORITE) and just enjoyed the weather before going to West End for real food. I had a good time and the game and look forward to going to a lot more over my years at tech :) GO HOKIES!

Being Home

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Last week I went home or fall break. I got home Thursday night. When I saw my family I gave my brother the biggest hug first because I missed him so much. I started crying, as always. It was weird seeing my family after a month and a half. We went out to dinner to get sushi because there are not many sushi places here and my mom is a huge sushi fan. After we went home and relaxed. My brother and I were watching youtube videos and laughing the entire night. He had to go to bed early though because he had school the next morning. On friday morning I slept in. Dad took the day off and worked out of the house. That morning I got a pedicure and stopped by Target to pick up a few things to bring back to school. Later we went to go pick up my brother from school. He’s a freshmen at the high school i graduated from. It was so weird to see the new seniors and seeing my brother at high school. I feel like time has flown by so quickly. Dad and I went to 7-11 to get slurpees to kill time while waiting for my brother to get dismissed from school. We went home and hung out. I never realized how much I loved being home. It felt weird to be home because some things had been moved around or my family bought new things which kind of threw me off. Mom got a new high tech vaccuum and it threw me off and Im not reallly sure why. That night I had a good home cooked meal of fajitas. Mom and I stopped by the mall for a little bit while my brother had his saxophone lesson. Saturday I went to my high schools football game because my brother is in the school band. He’s probly one of the smallest members with the biggest instrument. He’s about 5’1 and he plays the baritone saxiphone which is a huge instrument which is like 2/3 his height which i think is hilarious :) Anyway after the football game my parents drove my brother and I to kings dominon for the halloween events they have at night. We meet up with my boyfriend and his siblings and had a good time. There were scary people everywhere and I was screaming like crazy! The rollercoasters were fun except the lines were usually long. I saw the new intimidator 305 which looked INSANE! it was basically like an 85 degree drop and I got nauseus just looking at it. My brother had told me people blackout when they’re on the ride which scared me so we passed on that ride. The next day was time to go back to school and i did NOT want to go home. It was so nice to be back in my own room and with my family. I felt like I was having a great time and it was suddenly taken away. I seriously can’t wait to go home this thanksgiving!

Family Guy

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The first time I saw an entire episode of Family Guy was in college. I’m so hooked now. I find it hilarious in that it makes fun of politics, celebrities, and other movies. Each Family Guy usually mimics or is a parody to a movie. I love how they put a twist to it and add their smartass comments. It always makes me laugh. Some stuff is racist but they make it so funny its hard to not laugh. They don’t go out of their way to hurt or put down others but in history we’ve always discriminated and they add a spin on it. In a way I feel like there breaking the discrimination up and letting people relax and enjoy a racist joke without it being hurtful. Other shows I’ve seen while in college are American Dad and South Park. I find south park really offensive but hilarious. I think these shows can give all their views a good laugh. I’d hate to be a celebrity or political figure because you will ALWAYS be made fun of. It fun to make fun others in a safe way. They mean no harm. The creators just want to bring humor to their audience. I feel that the audience appeals more to males then females because some females get offended over a silly joke that means no harm. Girls are more into watching their girly shows instead of cartoons. When I first saw Family Guy i thought it was a silly cartoon show but as i finished the episode i loved it. I love having a good laugh and this is one of the shows i can get it from. Over the years I’ve heard my friends always talk about the show and i became annoyed because they would always quote it. One thing that annoys me about people is when they quote things from movies but now i understand why. If anyone needs a good laugh i highly recommend this show.

Holiday Season

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I can’t wait for Christmas time. I know this is really random but I love the Christmas season. Once exams are over we have an entire month off of school. My family and I are going to Hawaii or the Czech Republic this Christmas. I don’t really like being home during Christmas. I feel like my family is closer during Christmas time where we’re away from home. When were away from home there are little distractions and we’re always together. I love to travel so I always push for spending Christmas somewhere besides home. When we travel we don’t do routine things compared to when were home. We go out to dinner or site- see. I love being spontaneous during the holidays because it makes them that much more enjoyable. Hopefully we go to Hawaii so i can get my tan on :) My mom is part Czech so we may go to Europe besides Hawaii. The Czech Republic is gorgeous during the winter and summer. I’d rather go to Hawaii though to escape the winter here. Last winter was horrible. I live in Northern Virginia and we had a massive snow storm. I don’t exactly remember the measurements but I know the snow came up to my waist. Like when people say that i never believe them because thats alot of snow but you just have to see with your own eyes. But anyways back to christmas. I love christmas, which is obviously my favorite season. Last Christmas we stayed home. It was a nice homey Christmas by the fireplace. I’m from Florida and the first time we moved to Virginia I had never seen a fireplace. Now that we live up here I LOVE the fireplace. We have the old fashion one which i think is better and more fun than a gas one. We burn real wood and the whole deal. Its soooo warm and I feel like the fireplace unites family just like it did in the old days. I can’t wait for fall semester is over before we can actually enjoy the holidays!